Copa De Crimbo Event Plan

Tournament Directors

  • Tom Styles (07753 827702)
  • Toby Carryer Dodd (07592 546901)
  • Tim Ballard (07976 108681)

First Aid

First aid provision and support is provided by the venue. Ice is available on request.


  • Please arrive in plenty of time for your first game.
  • The venue has changing rooms and showers which you are welcome to use.
  • We need to be out of the sports hall at 18:00 on Saturday and 16:00 on Sunday. Players are welcome to shower and stay at the venue after this if they wish.
  • No running or throwing in the venue, other than in the sports hall, is permitted.


  • Please minimise the amount of bags and gear you bring into the hall on Sunday as space in the stands is quite tight. - If possible large backpacks or suitcases should not be brought into the venue, including any sleeping bags or pillows.
  • Players are free to use the corridors for calls etc. but please do not obstruct them completely.

Clean Shoes Please

  • Players should ensure that they do not travel in or go outside in the playing shoes that they will compete in. A change of shoes for indoor use only is strongly recommended.

Equipment During Playing

  • Please try to keep the side lines clear of kit by only bringing your water bottle to pitch side.
  • Teams should confirm which colour strip (playing shirt) they are required to wear before entering the sports hall.
  • Barbie has a very low tolerance for lost property and is kick ass at Vinted so look after your gear please.

COVID-19 Measures

We have no mandatory COVID measures in place. If you are feeling really ill then grab a test and save everyone else’s Christmas by keeping your germs to yourself, ta.